First Steps

If you haven’t yet installed and activated Recurring Bookings, please do so. We strongly recommend you test any settings you make on a product in ‘draft’ mode (to make it unavailable to customers) or on a staging or development site.

Product Configuration

Recurring Bookings lets you configure how recurring bookings are made on a per-product basis. This means you can have one booking product that recurs 10 times, while another lets customers decide how long the booking series will be.

Go into a bookable product that you want to be able to offer repeat bookings for. At the top of the product data section, you will see a new checkbox ‘Recurrable’. Ticking this activates Recurring Bookings on that product.

You will now see a range of options. Go ahead and tweak these until you arrive at the configuration you need. Each setting has a question mark icon next to it. Hover over each one to get additional help.