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Recurring Bookings for WooCommerce contains everything you need to start processing repeat bookings on your site. We are adding features all the time, so please let us know if you you think something would be useful.

Intuitive Frontend Bookings

Recurring Bookings lets your customers make their own repeated bookings directly from your booking product pages. They see helpful cues during the booking process, followed by a summary of each of the requested dates and times, with an indication of availability.

And this is where things get seriously cool. You decide how much flexibility to give your customers.

Set length and period, such as a 10-week course? The customer won’t see the options and the dates will be automatic.

Every date must be available? Turn off flexible error handling, and the customer won’t be able to proceed. 

Want to use an end-date rather than allowing customers to choose the specific number of repeated bookings? No problem.

You’re in charge.


Revamped Backend
Booking Function

We didn’t just offer all the repeat booking functionality to shop managers on the backend – we totally recreated the standard WooCommerce Add Booking screen. While it is going to save so much time allowing customers to make repeat bookings themselves, we know that isn’t how all businesses operate. So we brought all the repeat booking functionality into a new and improved ‘Add Booking’ screen.

Then we added some other cool stuff. Such as product information to remind you what you can and can’t book. And if you entered a customer to make the booking for, you’ll see some helpful information about them too, such as what WooCommerce Subscriptions they have, and their contact information (in case you need to tell them their training sessions are ready to go). 

Advanced Integration with WooCommerce Subscriptions

You told us that it wasn’t enough customers could make repeated bookings – they needed a way to pay for them too. And it couldn’t be in one go.

Unlike other plugins that make recurring bookings, we decoupled Subscriptions from Bookings. This means you don’t have to waste time creating brand new subscription products. Instead, you link a subscription to a booking product. The way you set up that link determines what a customer can do next.




When a subscription-linked booking is exclusive, not having an active subscription will prevent a customer from going any further. But if they do, they can make as many bookings as they want, with the cost included in their subscription.

Think about a snooker and pool club with a whole bunch of tables to play on. Once a fully-fledged member, you can book a table whenever you want.


When a subscription-linked booking is chargeable, not having an active subscription will prevent a customer from going any further. But if they do, they can make as many bookings as they want, and will pay the normal price for the bookings.

Think about a private member’s club, where you need to be a member to get through the door. An active membership gives you access to the conference room.


When a subscription-linked booking is discountable, customers without an active subscription can still book. But if they do have a subscription, they receive a discount on the price of the booking.

Think about an annual membership to a local museum. Your subscription gives you access to reduced rates at the many events and lectures, that are also open to the general public.

Smart Date and Time Options

Create a series of recurring bookings using our intuitive Recurrence Formula Creator. Choose between:

  • Days – repeat your booking every day until you say stop
  • Weeks – weekly bookings remain the most popular option
  • Months – choose from the following:
    • Same day every month
    • Different days, such as the second Monday, or the last day of the month

Then decide whether you want an interval. Perhaps you want the bookings to be every other week? Or maybe you need a 3-month gap between each date.

Finally, choose between booking a specific number of recurrences, or to keep booking until a particular date is reached.

Smart indeed.


"I'm just a bit excited... I had a customer book a recurring booking (weekly for 3 weeks) all by themselves! This is going to save me so much manual work!"

– Joy Taylor

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